Town Plan

Below are links to the new Mount Holly Town Plan. Part A describes the Town, while Part B outlines the Town’s goals and with them the actions (Implementation Tasks) that will be taken over the next 5 years to put the Plan into effect.

On April 8, 2008 the Mount Holly Select Board voted to adopt the Town Plan dated 2008. The Plan has been submitted to the Rutland Regional Planning Commission for approval.

Copies of the Town Plan are available below and at the Town Office (both paper and CD versions).

Please see the bottom of this page for compiled documents of all Town Plan sections and maps.


Table of Contents

Part A – Description of the Town

Town Planning

II. The Town

IIa. Geography

Maps IIa.1 through 11a.11

IIb. Natural Resources

Maps IIb.1 through IIb.5

IIc. History

Maps IIc.1 through II.6

The People

III. Demographics & Future Trends

Map III.1

Human Activity

IV. Residential Pattern & Housing

Map IV.1

V. Economic Activity

Maps V.1 and V.2

VI. Agriculture & Forestry

Map VI.1

VII. Recreation

Maps VII.1 and VII.2

VIII. Transportation

Maps VIII.1 and VIII.2

IX. Energy

X. Education

XI. Child Care

XII. Facilities & Utilities

Map XII.1

Part B – Town Goals, Policies, & Implementation

The Plan

Map – Future Land Use

Compiled Town Plan – This PDF contains all of the above Town Plan sections in one document, EXCEPT for the maps.

Compiled Maps – This large PDF document (4.67MB) contains all of the maps within the Town Plan. If you have trouble downloading it, try downloading the maps (listed above) individually.

revised 5/4/08