Transfer Station

Mount Holly’s Transfer Station is located on Sharon Lane.

The Transfer Station is open Wednesdays, 4 pm to 7pm and Saturdays, 8 am to 2 pm, during the spring and summer seasons. The Transfer Station is open Saturdays 8 am to 2 pm and Sundays 9 am to 12 pm during the fall and winter seasons.


The transfer station does not accept cash. All solid waste brought to the transfer station must be paid for with solid waste stickers, purchasable at the Town Office.

*Effective September 1, 2023, stickers are $3/each.*

Stickers may be purchased in person with cash or check. Credit cards are not accepted. Stickers are also purchasable from the Town Office via mail. Those choosing to purchase by mail must please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your order, along with your check payment.

Each sticker pays for a trash bag that holds 30 gallons or less. The disposal of certain items require the use of additional stickers.


All residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with collection and disposal policies at the Mount Holly Transfer Station, which follow state guidelines.

Please review the following sorting and collection guidelines before bringing items to the Transfer Station. If you have a question, please ask an attendant first.

  • Batteries + Lightbulbs: The Transfer Station cannot accept batteries nor lightbulbs; attendants will refuse such items if they are dropped off. You may bring batteries and lightbulbs to the Gleason Road Transfer Station.
  • The Swap Shed: Donations must meet specific, posted guidelines. Please do not donate anything that is not accepted at the Swap Shed, including clothing, shoes and computer electronics.
  • The Burn Pile: The Burn Pile is for untreated, unpainted wood only. Fiberboard, plywood, pressure-treated wood and painted wood cannot be burned and must be placed in the C&D bin; stickers may apply to some items.
  • Food Scraps: Per Vermont state law, food waste may not be disposed of with household trash. All food scraps must be composted in the marked bins. Sawdust is available to add to bins after disposal.
  • Metal Scrap: Only items and appliances containing 80% metal or more may be brought to the scrap metal pile; computer electronics, appliances containing hazardous waste; and metal items containing less than 80% metal are not accepted.
  • Appliances: Appliances containing 80% or more metal material and containing no hazardous waste or waste oil may be disposed of with metal scrap. Note that refrigerators, air conditioning units and dehumidifers all contain freon, and must be brought to the Gleason Road Transfer Station for proper freon removal and recycling.
  • Hazardous Waste: Hazardous materials, including paint, are only collected on specific collection days. Watch the Chit Chat and Newsflash for announcements.



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