Community Acupuncture

May 16, 2012 @ 5:00 am – 6:30 am
Mount Holly Town library
26 Maple Hill Rd
Belmont, VT 05730
By donation
Lynne herbst

Community  Acupuncture With Virginia Voronin L.AC.    Relax-Release-Restore.  Mount Holly Town Library

Improved mental clarity.  Improved alertness.  Improved ability to sleep.  Improved ability to cope.  Reduction of depression, anxiety, and intrusive thoughts.  Reduction of aches, pains and muscle spasms

Inspired by the recent flooding in Vermont, Licensed Acupuncturist, Virginia Voronin, is going to Vermont communities and offering this simple yet very effective ear acupuncture treatment.  Her treatments are on a donation basis.  Call to reserve a spot.


Virginia is part of an organization known as Acupuncturists Without Borders.   Acupuncturists Without Borders has helped more than 20,000 people recover after Hurricane Katrina, the Iowa floods, the California wildfires, the Boulder wildfires, the shootings in Tucson, Arizona in January of 2011, the earthquake in New Zealand in February 2011, and in recent work with traumatized populations in Nepal, Ecuador, Mongolia, and Haiti as well as Missouri, Minneapolis, and Springfield, Mass. after the tornadoes of 2011. Many have said the treatment helped save their lives.


If you have ever been curious about this ancient Chinese technique that works to treat the whole person rather than specific areas this is the perfect opportunity.  Acupuncture is no longer viewed as a strange alternative method but has wide acceptance in conventional medical circles and is now routinely recommended by all manner of doctors, nurses and other health professionals.  Virginia spent the fall offering community acupuncture events around the State to help people deal with the effects of hurricane Irene by performing simple yet effective ear acupuncture treatment.  Virginia based this program on an organization called Acupuncturists Without Borders that travels to areas of the world experiencing some type of disaster from weather or war performing acupuncture to alleviate stress. In our program she will explain the treatment of acupuncture and the ways that acupuncture can improve your life.  She will also do a demonstration for those interested.  Virginia is a licensed Acupuncturist with training in medicinal herbs, Iyengar Yoga and Thai Massage and has her own private practice.  Learn how you can relax, release and restore your well being with this 5,000 year old method.




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