Proposed AT&T/FirstNet Cell Tower Info

UPDATE: The VT Public Utility Commission issued a Certificate of Public Good for this project on February 20, 2020. Construction slated to begin this summer.

Click here for PUC Order Granting Certificate of Public Good.

Click here for PUC Certificate of Public Good.

CLICK on the LINKS below for INFORMATION & PHOTOS regarding the Proposed Cell Tower:

October 15th Presentation on Proposed AT&T/FirstNet Cell Tower

FirstNet Information Video

Photos & Simulations of Existing Cell Towers in VT

Photo Simulation of Monopole in Gray from Stewart Road South

Photo Simulation of Monopole Painted Brown from Stewart Road South

Photo Simulation of Monopine from Stewart Road South

Compare & Contrast Photo Simulations:

~ Tree Line at site stands at 58′

~ Monopole stands at 130′, approx. 70′ above tree line

~ Monopine stands at 135′, approx. 75′ above tree line

Monopole in Galvanized Steel
Monopole in Brown

Mount Holly Select Board’s Recommendation

 Proposed AT&T/FirstNet Telecommunications Project

The Mount Holly Select Board recommends the proposed AT&T/FirstNet Telecommunications Project to be located at 581 Stewart Road South subject to the following conditions:

  • the monopole to be in the shape of a tapered pine tree with the branches becoming longer in length as they extend down the trunk to the natural canopy of surrounding trees
  • the monopine to preferably have 2.5 to 3 branches per foot
  • a whip antenna to be included for use by local first responders 

With these conditions, we look forward to welcoming this project to the Town of Mount Holly along with the services it will provide both first responders and residents alike.

Tapered Pine Design Similar to This One: