Subdivision Regulations

Please allow a minimum of 90 days for the processing of subdivision applications.

Who Must File?

You must file a Subdivision Application prior to the sale of any subdivided lots and before beginning any new construction on an existing lot that would include a new septic system. Subdivisions into three or fewer lots are classified as Minor Subdivisions; subdivisions that result in four or more lots are classified as Major Subdivisions.

Subdivisions: What Do I Need to Do?

1. Review the Town of Mount Holly Subdivision Regulations. Click here to print/download.

2. Email the Planning Commission to request that your subdivision be added to the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Mount Holly Planning Commission. The Planning Commission normally meets on the third Wednesday of the month. You must make your request at least two weeks in advance of the meeting or you will be scheduled for the following month.

3. Prepare a Sketch Plan of the proposed subdivision, following the requirements of the Subdivision Checklist, and bring two copies to your meeting with the Mount Holly Planning Commission. Be prepared to discuss the issues identified in the Subdivision Checklist, including roads, driveways, boundaries, house site location, and so on. If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, you may designate an authorized representative.

4. Following your meeting with the Planning Commission and their review of your sketch plan, your subdivision will be classified as Minor or Major.

Minor Subdivisions:

 If your subdivision is classified as minor, you will need to do the following:

1. Complete a Subdivision Application, available from the Mount Holly Town Clerk.

2. Prepare a Final Plat in accordance with the Subdivision Checklist requirements. The Final Plat must be prepared by a surveyor or engineer and must include ALL of the elements listed on the Subdivision Checklist. Incomplete Final Plats will delay approval of your subdivision.

3. Request that a public hearing be held for your subdivision. Note that the Planning Commission must schedule your hearing within 45 days of your request.

4. Attend the subdivision hearing in person (or request that someone attend on your behalf). You must bring two copies of the Final Plat of your proposed subdivision with you to your hearing. The Final Plat must include all of the items listed on the Subdivision Checklist that is included with the Subdivision Regulations.

5. Be prepared to discuss all of the items listed on the Subdivision Checklist.

6. Within 45 days of your subdivision hearing, you will receive written notification from the Planning Commission that it has approved, modified and approved, or disapproved your Final Plat.

7. Once your subdivision has been approved, the Planning Commission will sign your Final Plat and request payment of the subdivision fee. Check with the Town Clerk for current subdivision fees.

8. After your Final Plat has been signed and your payment has been received, you will be asked to submit a final recordable mylar drawing for filing by the Town Clerk. When this drawing has been received and signed by the Planning Commission, you may proceed with your subdivision

NOTE: This is only a summary of the requirements for a Minor Subdivision. It is not a substitute for the Subdivision Regulations. Under certain circumstances, other regulations may apply.

Major Subdivisions

Major subdivisions, in which the existing property is subdivided into four or more lots, are significantly more complex than minor subdivisions. If you are considering a major subdivision, or if you are a developer or property owner considering selling your property to a developer who intends to proceed with a major subdivision, please obtain and read a copy of the Mount Holly Subdivision Regulations and/or contact the Mount Holly Planning Commission directly.

We recommend that anyone considering a major subdivision schedule an opportunity to meet with the Planning Commission in advance of making a formal request for hearing.

Penalties for Failure to File a Subdivision Application

Penalties for failure to comply with the Town of Mount Holly Subdivision Regulations are covered under Sections 4444 and 4445 of the Vermont Municipal and Regional Planning and Development Act.